How to make a website

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How to make a website?Do you want to create a site, but don’t know how to make a website? Starting your own website requires a lot of planning, research and analysis. It is definitely possible to build a website of your own using your computer at home, however it would be something only you would have access to. You would need help and advice on how you can design and customize your website as well as get it on the World Wide Web. All of these steps require specialized skills. If you feel you are equipped for it, there is nothing like it. However, if you are new and do not have a clue on how to get this done, go to an expert. You do not want to create something that nobody would be interested in.

How to make a website?

Step 1: The first step in creating a website would be to determine the type of hosting you plan to setup for your website. There are various kinds of web hosting options available today. Choosing one for your website would be at your choice. Some of the types of hosting that you could choose from are dedicated hosting, shared hosting, free web hosting, virtual hosting, etc. Many people tend to choose the free option for making a website. Though it is easy and does not cost you anything, there could be several drawbacks of using free webhosting for your website. They might not be as effective as a dedicated hosting which would offer you a host of features to make your website more attractive.

Step 2: The next step would be to determine if you need a domain name. You actually do not require a domain name to post a website. Domain name helps you in providing additional branding to your website and make it easier for visitors. The advantage of having an individual domain is that people would be able to remember the URL of your website more easily. You would need to pay anywhere between $5 and $50 for a year to get an independent domain name.

Step 3: Once you have decided on a hosting and domain name, you would need to plan out your website. Never attempt to open a website without a blueprint. You would only get stuck at one point and keep wondering what to do next. Again, if you do not know how to do it, it would be best that you do not attempt it. There are a number of web development agencies and consultants whose expertise you could request. In fact these people will have new and innovative ideas to make your website look more trendy and attractive.

Another important parameter would be to design your website one page at a time. Though you would have an overall outline of what you need to do for your website, it would be best to do the design one page at a time. This would give you more ideas as well as assist you in the case of possible changes. You can also use web design templates and WordPress themes to speed up the process.

Step 4: It is now time to publish your website online. Get a hold of a good hosting provider. Do a thorough research on the web hosting companies in the market. Choose someone whom you feel would get your work done and at an affordable cost.

Now that you know how to make a website, start by picking a reliable reseller web hosting provider such as HostGator, Bluehost or Dreamhost for your website. Make sure to check that the hosting provider provides at least 99% uptime for servers and round-the-clock support desk. All the best for making your website! 🙂