DreamHost Review: Why DreaHost Web Hosting?

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DreamHost was a small company that was started in Los Angeles by four undergrads from Harvard Mudd College. These students teamed up with Dreamwork Network, which is the parent company of DreamHost in the year 1997 to create history, which shook up the entire web hosting market. DreamHost is considered to be one of the oldest web hosting companies. From then on, DreamHost is a place that many clients now call as home. DreamHost is all about providing the best quality service for their clients. They claim that they are more into the theory of budget hosting, which is, providing services to their clients at highly reasonable prices.

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There have been numerous reviews that justify this theory from DreamHost. Many reviews believe that DreamHost provides the best pricing schemes and is therefore the most reasonable one in the market today. The advantage that DreamHost is believed to have had is the time that they have spent in the same market. This time has helped them understand the needs of their customers and cater according to their needs. Unlike many other companies doing the same business, DreamHost began with $9.95 per month for a yearlong subscription. If you were to use their services for a period of 3 years, you get a discount of $2 on the monthly price tag. Like mentioned earlier, DreamHost is poised at providing what the customers want than the gain they can make from the business. Once you are in, you get to enjoy a host of features that the company offers.

DreamHost boasts of consistent reliability. They have been able to achieve this with the assistance of their servers, which function on a real-time basis. Yes, there have been minor glitches initially, however they have worked over it and plugged all the gaps. They are now offering a more sophisticated version of the server which is highly improved as well as more safe and secure. The winning parameters for DreamHost have however been their speed and quality. These are two highly critical parameters and those on which the company never compromises at any cost. They have over 1200 servers with which comes the assurance of almost no downtime.

The one area that DreamHost has struggled is to create a web panel. A lot of intense work has gone into the development and implementation of the web panel. The result of all this hard work resulted in DreamHost creating a web panel that is totally unique, which can neither be copied nor replicated. It is something that is available only to them and to the user of the domain. Due to this, it is believed to be the fastest and the one that offer a variety of features.

Customer service is available in the form of emails, knowledgebase and a call-back option. The one thing that is missing from most web hosting companies in existence today is the option of a Live Chat. Email queries are generally responded within 24 hours and are given extremely high levels of significance.
Since the company believes in keeping their customers happy, DreamHost is a wonderful company to approach if you have the idea of signing up for a new domain.

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