HostGator Review: Why HostGator Web Hosting?

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HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting providers on the Internet. With over 2.5 million domains hosted on their website, HostGator is one of the best options for hosting your websites or domains. Here you will find an honest review of HostGator (this website is hosted on a HostGator web server) as well as HostGator Coupon Codes to make your purchase easier.

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Most Internet marketers, webmasters and bloggers recommend HostGator web hosting because it is very reliable and affordable. You can host unlimited websites on HostGator’s shared hosting plan without any restrictions on hosting space or bandwidth. You will have to spend less than $10/month for excellent hosting service.

Majority of the users who tend to sign on to HostGator use their services for their blogs. One of the best features that most users generally tend to report about the HostGator is the customer support that is being offered by the company. It is also because of this attribute that HostGator is considered as one of the best in the market today. Though many other web hosting companies are providing their services at great offers, HostGator remains one of the chosen one.

Customer support is considered as one of the critical features for any web hosting company. With users creating websites on the hosting company’s servers, customer service is extremely essential to get their queries answered. It is also one of those things that people who invest money demand from web hosting companies. Once a customer support is set up, the next important criterion is availability.

Every web hosting company has a customer service that is available during all or certain parts of the day. HostGator is available at any time. You could even give them a call at 2:00 A.M. to get your questions answered. Here again, you have a host of options. You could either get a hold of them over phone and log in a ticket for your issue. If you are not a talker, you could use their Live Chat feature and talk to one of their customer service agents. The customer service agents at HostGator are well-trained and think out-of-the-box to provide the right kind of assistance. They are more than just willing to diagnose your issues and suggest changes to your server settings.

Another commendable feature of HostGator is their ability to run virus scans on your server. Now, this is something that most web hosting companies would not even dare to do. They also diagnose the entry points, which is the point where hackers try to negotiate your services. Most people are relieved when they get to know that the servers used by clients are linked to HostGator. You can even reassign websites to HostGator. All of these power-packed features have made HostGator a force to reckon with in the web hosting space.

When you are talking about servers, you would also need to consider downtime. When you sign up with web hosting companies, they would provide you with a particular service level agreement on the uptime. HostGator offers a guaranteed 99% uptime. Studies have shown that HostGator has been able to maintain this 99% for eight straight months. This means that HostGator servers never had a downtime for over 10 minutes in one time, thereby making it more reliable and trustworthy for all their customers. There is nothing more that you could wish for than an assurance that your website would be up for almost all parts of the day. This is also one of the reasons for HostGator’s rapid growth.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this entire review. I love hostgator because of how cheap it is and because of how easy it was to install a wordpress blog to it. Excellent review!

  2. Really good review on a wonderful web host. Seriously, I have used HostGator for several years now and I have not had any problems. They have the best support and you can design great sites!

  3. Hostgator is my favorite host because of its unlimited support at any time, day or night. I once called at two a.m. and they solved everything with ease. They are highly recommended in my book. Good review.

  4. I only trust Hostgator to deal with my websites because of how simple and elegant it is. I love the support and I also really like the virus scanner on it. My site was infected a while back and I got to use the virus scanner to get rid of it. I give it 5 stars.

  5. I personally love Hostgator because of how cheap and reliabe it is. I have tried other like Godaddy but it was no where near Hostgator. I feel far safer when dealing with Hostgator, maybe because I know that their support is always their for you.

  6. This was a great review on Hostgator and what it truly is like. Hostgator is probably the best web host and its really cheap so anyone can afford it. If you need a site, use Hostgator.

  7. Im Fredric and I loved this review. All of the stuff it says is true and I know from personal experience that Hostgator is trustworthy and all around a great company. Dont take it from me, you should really try it out for yourself!

  8. I think this is a pretty nice review, it really showcases the talents of Hostgator. Hostgator has many talents and I think this laid them all out pretty nicely. Good review and good web host company.

  9. Hello there, my name is Marco and I wanna tell you why I love Hostgator. I accidentally deleted my WHOLE website and I was freaking out. I went on their live chat and they used an automatic backup copy to restore my website. That sealed my trust with them. This is a good review too.

  10. Fantastic review right here. I wasnt sure if I should get Hostgator at first but then I read this review. After I read it, I jumped to Hostgator and sure enough, this review is exactly right. Hostgator is very good in my opinion!

  11. When will people realize that Hostgator is the ultimate web host available. Godaddy is terrible in comparison to Hostgator. I practically like everything about Hostgator to be quite honest with you.

  12. Hello there im Nina and I will tell you that this review is very accurate. Hostgator is my favorite host because of all the cool options that you can use. Seriously it has a lot of them!

  13. Manual here, I will say that I was not disappointed with Hostgator at all. I probably had the best webmaster experience that I have ever had. This review is spot on, great job!

  14. I think this review is accurate. In my opinion, Hostgator is the leader of all of the web hosts because of how stable it is. If you ever have a problem with them, they will be there to help with anything.

  15. Wow really great review you guys! I think this shows Hostgator as it really is. Its the best host ever! Never had any serious problems because of how wonderful it worked.

  16. Spot on review guys, this is exactly what Hostgator is like. I currently use Hostgator and I dont get any problems from it. Trust me, if you decide to join you will not be sorry!

  17. Let me congratulate you on a fantastic review. I used Hostgator at one point and I remember it fondly. All of these tools and features were there and it was an amazing experience.

  18. This review is completely honest, I just finished it and everything is right about it. I was skeptical to join Hostgator at first but its really good and if you not sure if you should join, just remember that this review is not lying. Hostgator really is this good!

  19. Best service hands down! This review is exactly right! I love Hostgator to death because of how great they operate. I first tried it a few months ago and everything went extremely smooth and correct. This is a great review and Hostgator is a fantastic company!!

  20. I have been using HostGator for a few months now and I am more than satisfied. Earlier, I used to host my personall blog on an Indian web hosting provider. I still have my domains registered by my previous registrar, but now I do not use it for hosting my sites as the server went down often. Nothing like this with HostGator. I have also used Dreamhost and Bluehost for my other sites, but I like Hostgator the best.

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