WebHostingPad Review: Why WebHostingPad Web Hosting?

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WebHostingPad has been in existence since 2005 and is one of the most affordable web hosting solutions available today. The objective of WebHostingPad is to provide optimum quality web hosting services at a very affordable price. WebHostingPad, like many other companies in the same space, provide services like unlimited bandwidth, web space, etc. With over 150,000 domain owners, WebHostingPad offers a highly comprehensive and reliable service.

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By far the most advantageous aspect of the company is their ability of their support team to provide technical support by means of operating on their client’s system from far away. Yes, the support team at WebHostingPad would be able to solve technical issues by taking control of a client’s system by means of remote access. This is found to be highly beneficial since it is like an engineer visiting your home to fix the glitches. This provides an opportunity for the user to relax and at the same time learn the steps that they would need to follow in case they run into the same issue again in the future. This is also the feature that makes WebHostingPad a very unique web hosting company.

Among a host of different features, WebHostingPad offers you a 30-day money back guarantee option. Suppose you are satisfied with the performance of the services, you could always call them and get a reimbursement of the fee you had paid during the sign up period. Another wonderful feature that comes along when you sign up is that you are provided with free advertisement credits. Posting advertisements on your websites usually cost you money. WebHostingPad offers you free ad credits worth $200 with different subscriptions when you sign up.

Creating a new domain name or transferring your existing domain becomes really easy with WebHostingPad. Your domain is not transferred free, you are also offered a domain name in case you do not have one already. The selling price of WebHostingPad is at $1.99 in case you opt for a 4 year subscription, which is highly inexpensive when compared to other web hosting companies. If you choose to go for a 12 month subscription, the monthly rate would be at $3.95. The company also guarantees a 99.9% uptime, which means you would never run into a roadblock of losing connectivity.

The only issue that has been deduced with WebHostingPad is that only one simultaneous FTP connection is possible at a time. This means that if you are someone who tends to upload multiple and big files on to your side, the process is quite slow. Uploading multiple files cannot be achieved with parallel connections.

WebHostingPad is not well known like many other web hosting companies in the same space. In terms of competition, they are found to be not very favorable. There have also been several instances of failure in their guarantee of a 99.9% server uptime. They offer web hosting services at a very cheap price, and this is considered as by far the biggest advantage that the company holds.

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